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Figure Model Minimalist Beds

Image Model Bed Minimalist ~ minimalist concept now it is not foreign to our ears the various corners of the building is now common to apply this minimalist concept. Good for home concept, the inside of the house, until the furniture is in use.
Minimalist concept highlight the function in the limited land, besides the impression that will arise in the more modern as well as the concept of minimalism is also more synonymous with the use of bright colors combined but still looks simple.

bed new models

Various Shape Models New Beds
One of minimalist furniture that will be discussed this time is the bed. The furniture is very important to our lives, because in use for the rest when we feel tired. For this minimalist bed design is intended to be narrow bedroom. Because even though the room was cramped, but of course we also still want the feel of beauty and comfortable. to design a bedroom that is narrow, the first time we have the press is, do not place furniture or trinkets that it is less useful.
bedroom design
The use of corner space must also be at the maximum, for example the wall area can be used to the placement of wall shelves, racks where it can serve to accommodate the objects we need when in the room, such as books, magazines, clothing and other accessories. Wall shelf can also act as an object that can beautify your bedroom. To choose the type of furniture minimalist space that has a bright color, such as white, light green, light blue, yellow and so forth. With the rack wall, then we no longer need to use a cabinet which is certainly larger its size so much take place.
model of the bed
As for the bed, choose a smaller size that can accommodate one person, so it is not appropriate when applied to the bedroom partner. Choose the color that corresponds to the concept that you want to achieve.
Choose a bed that has a storage drawer so that it can make you more easy to store goods in the bedroom without having to add more of his other storage furniture. So you only need one handy closet for storing clothes.
examples bed
To give the impression of space wide on the narrow bed, try to use a wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect that could create an impression of space. Or by using a vertical pattern on the wall. Thus is a review of Image Model Minimalist Beds can hopefully provide inspiration for you.

Guest Chairs Model Pictures Latest Minimalist

Guest Chairs Model Pictures Latest Minimalist ~ Designing a narrow room is a pretty difficult thing, especially if we also want to show the impression of a beautiful and comfortable. certainly enough to make us think extra.
To give the impression that we can play a wide color shades, wall hangings as well as the size and shape of furniture that will we place. One room that we use most often is the living room. Functions as the name suggests, is reserved for guests who visit our home.
sofa chairs minimalist guest

To glorify our guests want the feel of fresh, neat and comfortable. then what if owned narrow living room? One of the most appropriate way to get around this is to put a chair with a minimalist concept.
guest chairs purple sofa

Minimalist guest chair is only a small, perhaps only can accommodate 2 or 3 people. But generally minimalist chair design is quite enchanting, so despite its small size but can give a feel of the beauty in our room.

To select the type of guest chairs minimalist, which needs to be considered is the motive of the chair. A growing number of variants guest chairs on the market. The price is quite diverse. For this motive minimalist guest chair you can choose the color that corresponds to the concept or theme of your living room. Typically for a minimalist concept will be synonymous with bright colors, such as orange, green, red, blue, and so forth. The color of the front seats can also be made accent on your living room.
guest chairs minimalist models

Although minimalist, but usually guest chairs will have a value price is quite expensive, because the minimalist guest chair is made with a unique design and quality materials, therefore, to get around this you can choose a minimalist guest chairs that can accommodate a minimum of 2 persons, but can save money, also can give the impression of a more spacious in your room.
latest images guest chair

To add a beautiful impression on your guest chair, use a carpet which has a motif and color that suits your guest chair. Useful as an additional accessory carpets and luxurious and elegant impression.So are reviews of photo chairs form a modern minimalist hopefully can provide benefits and inspiration to us all.

Model Chairs Living Room Sofas Newest 2015

Chairs Living Room Sofas ~ Model couch is more diverse now, along with the development of the property. The need for this couch chair has become a basic requirement for every homeowner.Due to the presence of the sofa can be used to accommodate every member of the family when he was in the house, especially if the seat sofa will be placed in the living room, of course closely related to the achievement of what we've been try, with a nice sofa ownership, then every people who visited the house we would also be considered that the efforts that we live so far generate sufficient income.The latest model of sofa
The latest model of sofa

Speaking of sofa seat, actually in his election, we only need 3 things outlook. Sofa consists of the seat, backrest and grip for the hand. The rest of it is about design, style and model alone.Recent Trend Minimalist Modern Sofa Model
In detail, the following are several types of sofa model is now being circulated in the market.
a) Sofa divanThe purpose of the sofa divan here is the type of sofa that was made without the seat backrest and arms. Type the couch is appropriate when used for home or minimalist space, because it does not require such a broad area. For his groundbreaking divan sofa is usually placed slightly attached to the wall, and to beautify the look of the sofa, generally given an extra pillow.
b) standard SofaThis standard sofa type most frequently encountered, the standard model is with handrails made of wood and backrest made possible smile.
c) Sectional sofaThe advantages of this type of sofa is that we are free to rearrange their order, so it can be used for both large and small spaces. Sectional sofas are very fitting for a large family. Even some of the couch this type can be used for sleeping, so that makes us feel comfortable when using it.
d) Sofa loveseatsFrom the name alone maybe we can conclude that this type of sofa designed for a pair, so it is only fit for two people. Type sofa loveseats can actually be used for the living room, especially for a room that has a minimalist concept. However sofa loveseats will be fit when installed on the living room or bedroom.
Thus is the review of the Model Seat Sofa Lounge Latest Keluargal hopefully can add insight for us all.
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Simple Minimalist House Design Gallery

Minimalist Home Design Simple ~ Having a home is a necessity that can not be missed, sometimes if we have not been able to buy or build a house, usually we will sign a building to be made in a place to stay.How important usability home on human life. The house inhabited it should be made possible smile, so when in it we felt welcome and comfortable. perhaps among you all there who has had a luxurious house, with a large size and classy furniture.

1 floor house minimalist form

Design minimalist house 1 floorBut there is also, and even a lot of people who have not been able to have the type of luxury homes. For that you should not be discouraged, for the small and simple house can still be made and designed in such a way so that you will feel comfortable when you are in it.

picture minimalist house 1 floorTo beautify a building that looks attractive in need of interior and exterior design. This simple house concept often referred to as a minimalist home. The main characteristic of a minimalist home is an advantage in terms of its design, which makes every corner of the house into a narrow function despite the area.
architects minimalist house 1 floorSimple home design appropriate standard is, the house has a fence, garden despite its small size, the parking area / carport and still leaves the area at the back of the house. To get around this you can draw a plan of the house in the sketch, so that when the process of development takes place, you do not need to be confused to put the rooms are in need.
model of minimalist homeAs an example on the front of the house we also have to keep leaving the area to the patio, it would be better if you can put two chairs and a small table. The function of the terrace is a variety, can be made as a second living room, as well as a place to relax when the morning or afternoon.On the inside of the house that first there must be the living room, because the size of the land area is not too large, then you can make the living room and family room into one area. To maintain privacy, you can put the space between the TV shelf, so the partition function becomes portable.Minimalist House Floor Model 2
2 storey house design minimalist modernFor the bedroom, you can build 2 bedrooms, with different or the same size. For one bedroom serves as the master bedroom and to the other can be made in the bedroom for a child. Bathrooms can you put between the two bedrooms. The rest of the existing space can be made in the kitchen and dining room.
minimalist house 2 floorsThus is the picture of the simple home design models may be able to provide inspiration.
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Comfortable Minimalist House Terrace Model

Model Terrace Houses Minimalist ~ The existence of the patio on a building it is optional, in other words, you can provide for the area in the wake of the terrace or without terrace though. it's just the culture of Indonesian people who often receive visits from guests, whether from family, neighbors and colleagues usually prefer for the invite to sit back in the terrace room.
The terrace at the house can be placed in some corner, not always there at the front of the house. There are times when the terrace can be put on the side of the house or backyard. The terrace at the front of the house can be made as a second living room, if in a sense want to discuss topics that are usually more comfortable relaxed discussed in an open area. Especially if you are equipped with a garden terrace that become more beautiful scenery.Minimalist House Design Image Terrace NewestMinimalist house terrace

Minimalist house terrace
Terrace home side can be united with the family room, where on the terrace can be functioned for the gathering of fellow members of the family. Similarly, on the back porch of the house, which can also be made as a children's play area and relax when the afternoon.

terrace house design minimalist
Should any existing patio in your home garden areas provide to add natural elements and comfort. On the front porch place the one set of comfortable chairs and resistant to rain or hot sun. At the front of the house is usually tend to be hot unless you have a fairly wide area of ​​the house, then you should use a fairly wide roof to provide shade, because no matter how good you have a terrace but felt hot when exposed to water splashes and rain then the patio area will not work optimally.

pool terrace house minimalist
For the selection of ceramics in the patio area choose the type of ceramic models, colors and different materials of ceramic parts in the room. On the terrace tend to be more frequently exposed to the sun and rain, so the selection of ceramics that are more resistant to extreme weather is a wise choice.
Lighting on the terrace is also required at the time of night, choose the type of lights that are dimmed so that you can feel comfortable when the night is on the terrace. Or if you want a bright shades you can use this type of lighting is more, because usually we are also more comfortable reading a book or doing tasks on the terrace with a different feel. Thus is a review of the model may be useful minimalist terrace house.

Design Pictures Modern Open Living Room

Pictures of Modern Open Living Room ~ For the design of a room, especially the room most frequently used and often used would require an innovation in each year. Since the change of course will change the model and trend, it will increasingly make room in our house will always look up to date.

One of the rooms of the most often used and seen is the living room. In the living room is composed of some of the furniture, the main thing is the presence of chairs and tables. Increasingly narrow field conditions make us always think to continue to innovate for the sake deal with this situation. And so was born a minimalist concept, which highlight the functional side of any kind of room, so that such a narrow space will be created in such a way that retains the optimal value and at the same time in order to look beautiful.

Picture Open Living Room

Model open living room is one of the properties of design trend that has gained a lot of fans. Actually this model of open living room will be very appropriate for the room is minimal, however, for those of you who want the impression of relief and freedom despite having vast land, nor is there any harm in using this open-concept living room.


The living room open model is not built on an open area, but unites the living room with some room in our house. for example together with the dining room, family room, den, and so forth. We were also able to keep our privacy by using a portable bulkhead, so that when we need privacy can easily install it. The living room is open it gives the impression of a more spacious for not using the bulkhead in the form of permanent walls.

the model-space-living-open

Another advantage is that we can save money because of the similarities between some of the rooms can be made in one, or at least similar and aligned. If you are interested in applying this open concept living room, would be even better if combined with glass walls on the outside there is the view of the garden or swimming pool.


Actually this open living room can also be categorized as a family room, so you no longer need to think about to make a special family room. The widespread impression will also provide comfort to your children when they wanted to play. Thus is the review of the image of modern living room open concept hopefully can inspire us all.
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1nTdining room decor 5

This Marvelous photograph of 1nTdining-room-decor-5 have a extraordinary of inspirations regarding 1nTdining-room-decor-5 together with any 1nTdining-room-decor-5 area of interest, Do always check high resolution of 1nTdining-room-decor-5 photo discussion
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